Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Welcome to My Everything Real Estate Blog!

My daughter, Jenna has convinced me that adding my very own blog to my real estate career is the latest and greatest thing I can do to market myself, make a personal touch to my sellers and buyers and keep those interested in the know of everything real estate which is what I eat, sleep and breathe - Real Estate is my life!

On top of a blog I have as of recently (also prompted by my daughter) created a Facebook page. I don't have as many "friends" as my kids have but I have connected with a few people from high school and the community and if anything another way to keep me "connected" which is so important these days. Between my Blog and Facebook I'm really getting "with it."

So I hope you enjoy reading about everything I have going on whether real estate related, school board related, Sunday school related or Family related - as all of these are what make up my wonderful blessed life!

Enjoy reading as much as I will enjoy keeping all of you updated!

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